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Dementia Prevention: 40 Habits to Reduce Risk

While most articles talk of the disease and often the treatment of care for advanced individuals, not much is often described about ways to promote brain health. Dementia prevention is possible with these fundamental activities that promote brain health.

Dementia Prevention

Alzheimer’s dementia is the most common type of dementia affecting over 5 million Americans over the age of 65 years. There are ways to get evaluations for early treatment. Common symptoms include memory loss – typically short-term memory, limited social and personal activities. Impaired daily routine such as paying bills, driving and self-hygiene are some other symptoms less frequently reported. Depression, personality change and age-related changes are other soft signs of dementia. Often by the time diagnosis is made, many years elapse. Treatment if rendered early can help prevent rapid decline in later years.

While most articles talk of the disease and often the treatment of care for advanced individuals, not much is often described about ways to promote brain health.

I have resourced a list and made it more presentable to help with routine healthy tips that can be incorporated into lifestyle. The fundamental keys which can promote BRAIN health, and hence minimize the probability of dementia are listed below.


  1. Coffee – the ingredients in coffee help block the Beta amyloid and Tau proteins.
  2. Cocoa – helps improve memory through the flavonoids
  3. Beets and juice help build strong memory
  4. Mushrooms
  5. Eat red fruits as phenols help
  6. Chocolate – any Tryptophan containing foods like chickpeas, eggs and oats are healthy
  7. Salmon, tuna and fish are healthier for brain
  8. Mediterranean diet
  9. Vitamin D and B 12 supplements
  10. Decrease soda intake

Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Brush teeth to prevent gingivitis, which can increase dementia
  2. Sauna bath 4 times a week decreases chances of developing dementia by 60%
  3. Sleep 7-8 hours per night to decrease Beta amyloid
  4. Control blood pressure
  5. Control blood sugar
  6. Wear a helmet to prevent head injuries
  7. Loose extra weight
  8. Maintain appropriate level of BMI
  9. Limit excessive intake of alcohol
  10. Stop smoking

Physical Activity

  1. Walk a mile everyday
  2. Perform yoga
  3. Invest time in gardening
  4. Increase workout
  5. Decrease stress
  6. Do daily crossword puzzles
  7. Read daily
  8. Listen to Music
  9. Play musical instruments
  10. Learn a language

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Social Activity

  1. Get routine eye and hearing exam to keep reading and hearing conversations
  2. Take your medications routinely
  3. Decrease carbohydrate/sugar intake and increase protein
  4. Socialize with family
  5. Grow friends on online social networks
  6. Learn something new
  7. Laugh everyday
  8. Hug people and keep physical contact
  9. Socialize with young people
  10. Take a class

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We take our youthful times for granted at times, often disregarding the small factors that have the potential to change our lives. We recommend you include daily healthy habits which promote good health with great quality of life for your future. Prevention is the only way to avoid dementia.