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About Us

What is mHospital?

mHospital enables you to access on-demand healthcare services. Our platform connects you with providers available to see patients in the clinics, at home, or remotely through mobile apps. The choice is yours.

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Meet Our Leadership

Dr. Juma Bharadia

Dr. Juma Bharadia

Dr. Sunitha Bharadia

Dr. Sunitha Bharadia

We Have Come a Long Way

We founded mHospital to meet the rapidly growing demand for remote doctor visits and physician housecalls.

We launched in 2017 in Torrance, California and expanded to multiple regions on the Pacific coast within several years. As mHospital has grown, we expanded from Primary Care to add Urgent Care and Specialty Care services.

The expansion into telehealth enables us to serve not only patients in the US, but overseas as well. mHospital’s leadership intends to go global in the future, covering the entire planet.

Dr Jumma

We Have Come a Long Way

The introduction of mHospital was aimed at addressing the significantly growing demand for remote doctor visit and housecall doctors.

We started at Torrance, CA in 2017 and expanded to multiple regions on the Pacific coast within a couple of years. Over the time, we began Urgent Care and Specialty Care services apart from Primary Care.

The launch of Telehealth approach allowed us to serve patients not only in the Mainland US but overseas too. mHospital leadership intends to go global in the future covering all regions of the world.

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Our Corporate Values


Revolutionize global healthcare with the utilization of effective digital technologies.


Facilitate patients regardless of their current location by leveraging smart devices.
Provide best online doctor services globally irrespective of regions' socioeconomic statuses.

Hear from Some of Our Clients

“I was not a fan of seeking on-demand services when it was about health because I thought speaking to a doctor remotely would be tantamount to putting my health at stake. However, mHospital changed this perception for the good.”

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Ed S.

“With 5 kids at home, you can imagine how hectic it can get with everyone’s schedules. It is so nice to have a doctor that can come to your home, instead of having to go to an office where people are sick.”

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Jerry and Kelly D.

“The most convenient way to take care of our health through highly professional people. It is not only the ability of their doctors to treat effectively but the efficiency of support staff and this mobile app that impressed me.”

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Gina S.

“What a service! Especially when you are abroad very often like me. And on top of it, they care about you. You see the difference. Will recommend to all my family to subscribe to a family plan. A Must do!”

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Benoit G.