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Telemedicine and Remote Doctor Visit – the Way Forward

Telemedicine is an integral part of delivering modern day health care and increased access to all members- locally and globally. There are many new technologies that can help patient achieve maximal health, with options of care.

Remote doctor visit

Telemedicine and telehealth are often used interchangeably. By definition Telemedicine refers to medical care provided via telephone, online with computer or video. Telehealth also includes education online, other services related to health care.

The advent of on-demand economy resulted in disruption of numerous existing industries while supplementing others, example: the ability to deliver remote doctor visit via smartphone apps.

The primary reason was the fact that people were not convinced to allow remote examination and considered such a model of healthcare a risk to their health. The telemedicine service providers, nevertheless, were able to build trust over the time by rendering quality services.

The ongoing outbreak of current Covid-19 pandemic has enhanced the demand manifold for telemedicine. People are comfortable accessing a remote consultation via an online doctor app because leaving their houses exposes them to the risk of contracting Covid-19.

Why is mobile doctor app essential?

Avoid Delay

Telemedicine allows people to avoid all barriers including, but not limited to age, work engagements, transportation, and time on way to seamless healthcare. Seeking telehealth allows people to understand the fact that it is not the remote doctor visit that risks their health but delays in reaching a doctor due to unavailability of in-person appointments., lack of transportation or other barriers.


Patient centered care for the time that is available for care to be delivered, rather than doctor or hospital centered care or service.

Thus, one of the most significant benefits of telemedicine is its ability to break all geographical barriers to connect patients with doctors of their choice from anywhere in the world. Often valuable second opinions can help reduce worry or confirm diagnosis.


Patients especially the elderly and busy mothers with many children, who often have difficulty finding time or having access to much needed health care. Telemedicine affords them equal access to prompt care. Rural areas without doctors or specialists can also benefit with this access of care.

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Where does telemedicine stand today?

The idea of telemedicine is circulating around for decades. Commercialization of 4G/5G internet and its easy accessibility enabled both healthcare providers and patients to hold remote sessions via mobile apps. The contemporary quality of video coupled with the comfortable navigation in smartphones ensure that remote doctor visit is just as good as an in-person session.

Unlike the popular belief, telemedicine should not be limited to current generation or gen Z – as they are commonly referred to. Rather it is equally beneficial for the prior generations. Modern telemedicine tools allow accessibility to ALL patients.

The tech team at mHospital were aware of the fact that older generations were uncomfortable with fancy gadgets and preferred in-person consultation. Thus, they ensured that our mobile apps offer simple yet attractive interface with easy navigation. Doctors can also see patient via video portal, chart and send presciptions as needed.

Future of Telemedicine and Remote Doctor Visit

Telemedicine is an integral part of delivering modern day health care and increased access to all members- locally and globally. There are many new technologies that can help patient achieve maximal health, with options of care. We strive to incorporate the needs of our patients.

The statistics surrounding the number of patients consulting doctors via m-Hospital in the recent weeks indicate a marked increase in percentage of clients seeking services to see a doctor online.

Moreover, the internet speed and performance of smart devices are consistently demonstrating improvement implying that telemedicine would soon become a standard to render healthcare.

The widespread adoption of technologies primarily artificial intelligence and blockchain would further facilitate the use of online doctor app services. Artificial intelligence would supplement physicians in identifying the disease or sickness based on the historical data of patients with similar symptoms.

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Telemedicine is the way forward

The fast spread of telemedicine is prompting the healthcare regulatory authorities to build a comprehensive set of rules and standards that would govern the delivery of this model and place limits around it.

People are starting to realize that telemedicine is the way forward and swiftly moving to adopt it. A notable majority of healthcare providers are also reconsidering their schedules to allow offering services via mobile doctor app.

mHospital is enabling this shift with unparalleled mobile apps for doctors and patients. Although the doctors registered with mHospital are also available for home visits, yet telemedicine is an appropriate alternative during pandemics. Download our patient app today and try telemedicine for yourself. If you are a certified healthcare provider, download the doctor app start practicing.