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Remote Working and Schooling Impact Health Adversely

Maintaining a healthy routine at home with breaks, proper hydration, fixed-time snacks and exercise will keep your body in shape and help in functioning of mental systems. These activities significantly impact productivity too.

Remote Working Issues

It has been several months now since the coronavirus pandemic enforced widespread lockdowns in the US. Schools and workplaces have been operating remotely to reduce the spread. While remote work and education is helping in flattening the curve, they are also leaving undesirable outcomes. As a physician and mom, I have seen effects from multiple aspects. Below, I state the most significant remote working issues and challenges in online education that are adversely impacting the health of people of all ages. I have made suggestions that would enable you to prevent these issues and enjoy sound health.

  1. Poor Posture
  2. Human body has adapted over the time to facilitate mobility. The more you ensure use of all joints the better. Sitting, standing or lying in the same position for hours or in a position that puts excessive strain on one of the muscles causes fatigue and muscle/joint/back pain. Continuing this practice may develop chronic pain.

    • Use of an office chair with lumbar support or a yoga ball chair helps maintain spine health.
    • Use of Sit/stand desk or frequent getting up out of the chair/sofa to stretch for 5 minutes. This practice help muscles and joints and facilitates blood circulation.

  3. Headache
  4. Staring at the screen for excessively long causes headache that varies from person to person. Some people with decent health are able to recover soon after they move away. Our eyes tend to change the focal point more often. Staring screens continually, that is often the case with online calls, puts stress on the eyes that in turn cause headache.

    • Make sure that your screen is at eye level. If you use notepad alongside screen, be sure to keep the two on same level so that you do not need to lean forward to read from the notepad.
    • Use good lighting. Place the light source in a position so that it does not reflect from laptop screen or table mirror.
    • Use a chair with head support to lean your head back as needed.
    • Stretch the neck and shoulder muscles every 30 minutes to ensure mobility.
    • See a doctor online by scheduling via online doctor app or this website if headache is relentless.

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  1. Vision Problems
  2. Blinking of eyes assist in spreading tears across all parts, thereby removing the dust/debris. Constantly staring at screens disallow eyes to blink at a rate that is good enough to prevent stress. Consequently, people start to feel pain and blurriness.

    • Use artificial tears or eye lubricants to keep cornea moist and compensate for infrequent blinking.
    • Use blue screen, screen guard or glasses to help in reducing the glare and tackling other remote working issues.
    • Take frequent eye breaks and look at distances, preferably natural scenery every 30 minutes.

  3. Anxiety and Depression
  4. The number of people scheduling a doctor appointment online at mHospital who are suffering from anxiety and depression has significantly arisen since April – a month into the Covid-19 pandemic. One obvious reason is the lack of in-person communication due to social distancing.

    • Perform workout involving entire body daily for 30 minutes to increase endorphins and improve cardio/muscular systems.
    • Meeting with friends, family and pets helps the biochemical balance of stress and anxiety.
    • Spending time off the screens provides rest to the eyes and brain.
    • Schedule a remote doctor visit using mHospital mobile doctor app or through this website if you are struggling to tackle anxiety and depression.

  5. Obesity
  6. This is one of the health challenges that Americans are already fighting. Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this situation due to decreased physical activity, excessive stress and fatigue. Covid pandemic is just starting to reopen some business and majority will continue working/school from home. Thus, the problem may grow even worse.

    • Fatigue increases due to muscle soreness. Such remote working issues can be relieved by ensuring increased activity and avoiding unnecessary rest.
    • Maintain physical activity for 30 minutes daily. Focus more on abdominal exercises to burn fat.
    • Eat healthy food by preplanning mealtimes and avoiding out of routine snacks. Avoid junk food and take diet preferably rich with proteins while working from home.

    Maintaining a healthy routine at home with breaks, proper hydration, fixed-time snacks and exercise will keep your body in shape and help in functioning of mental systems. These activities have an impact on mental health as well as productivity.

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Everyone should practice these health tips and encourage family members, friends and colleagues to do the same. Practicing these reduces stress, fatigue and improve overall mental health, sleep, allowing body to grow stronger immune system.

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Stay healthy and work from anywhere.