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Covid-19 – Symptoms, Prevention, and Mitigation

Lack of a vaccine for Covid-19 means that isolation or self quarantine is the only way to stop the spread of this pandemic. It is crucial to follow the guidelines and avoid panicking.

Covid-19 Awareness

Revisiting the Symptoms


The body develops fever that pushes the temperature up to 39°C. There are reports of vomiting and diarrhea in most instances. The prevalence of these problems leads to intense fatigue.


Dry cough is one of the most common symptoms in the patients who have been confirmed to have contracted Covid-19. Cough is mild in the beginning and develops strong with time providing early signs of coronavirus.

Difficulty in breathing

Though only a proportion of people have various levels of difficulty in breathing, the ones with this problem carry a higher risk of complications and hospitalization

Do You Carry Any of these Symptoms?

Covid-19 Prevention

Coronavirus is highly contagious as it spreads via in-person contact as well as coming in contact with contaminated surfaces. Lack of a vaccine for Covid-19 means that isolation or self quarantine is the only way to stop the spread of this pandemic. We recommend following measures to ensure your health from novel Covid-19.


You do not only need to clean yourself but your surroundings as well. Here’s a checklist that would help:

  • Wash your hands once every hour while awake, especially, after interacting with pets, and before taking meals or touching your face
  • Avoid touching face. Though wearing a facemask is not essential for healthy person, anyone exposed to people with cough and or family should wear a mask.Use disposable gloves while out in public ares and dispose them off- do not reuse
  • Use a hand sanitizer preferably having a 60% concentration of ethanol disinfectant.
  • Minimize the use of hands and fingers to touch surfaces that are publicly accessible. For instance, use an elbow to call elevator and avoid touching railing on staircase.
  • Disinfect surfaces, particularly the ones that are frequently touched. For instance, doorknobs, locks, and door handles. Phone and cell phone are also to be cleaned daily with appropriate wipes.
  • CDC recommends making a disinfectant at home by using a proportion of 5 tablespoon bleach in a gallon of water.
Social Distancing

Social distancing – the practice of maintaining a distance from people you interact with – is essential to prevent and reduce spreading of the virus. Follow these standards to ensure social distancing:

  • Stay home! If possible, get grocery via home delivery services. Isolate the grocery items and disinfect appropriately or wash items before storing them in home.
  • Keep distance between you and others – 6 feet or 2 meters. Avoid handshakes and maintain a distance – preferably 2 meters with people around you.
  • Consider not to receive print magazines and newspaper for a month.
  • Avoid public places and use credit card instead of paper money. Also minimize the use of public transport or taxi. Stay home and listen to local information for your community.

While maintaining the standards for cleaning yourself and the surfaces with high probability of contact, it is also vital to monitor for symptoms of Covid-19 shared earlier. Consult a doctor on line or by phone if you experience fever, dry cough, flu, or breathing problems. Do not go to the hospital unless directed to do so. Use Tylenol/Acetamenphen for fever at home first.

Possible Mitigation for Coronavirus

The best choice at this point in time is to cooperate with local, state and federal administrations and follow their guidelines. The countries with less than 50 confirmed cases can contain the spread within a month by following self-isolation strictly. Corona virus cases by state in the US also confirm slowdown in states where isolation was observed more effectively.

Death typically occurs due to severe involvement of the lungs and ventilators are not adequate supply in most countries.  More than 80 % survive the coronavirus infection. Currently medications are being tried  but cannot cure the virus. Vaccine is under development will not help at this current time.

The countries with reasonably large number of cases can slow down the spread before eliminating it altogether. China has remarkably slowed down the spread as the number of new cases emerging daily is down to under a hundred with over 81,000 people were infected.

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Stay Healthy

mHospital is committed to serving communities around the world in prevention of this coronavirus and facilitating patients in identification, isolation and recovery. Data from the past two months in over a dozen countries indicates that around 80% of patients of Covid-19 recover without needing a dedicated medical attention.

The fatality rate is between 4%- 10 %. However, you still need to go extra mile in prevention of virus and its transmission to other people if you develop symptoms. We all need a collective effort regardless of our origins, age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic conditions. Stay safe, social distance and stay home. Save yourself, your home and your country.