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Advanced EHR Software Systems Disrupting Traditional Healthcare Practice

Alongside the increasing use of EHRs is the need for good EHR software systems that make it simpler to manage documents related to patient care, like records, prescriptions, and billing.

EHR Software Systems

With the rise of telemedicine also comes the increased use of electronic health records (EHRs). In fact, the EHR market is projected to grow to $47.25 billion by 2027. This growth is thanks to various factors — such as its ability to improve the accuracy and clarity of medical records, streamline a clinician’s workflow, and ease accessibility of patients’ records. But alongside the increasing use of EHRs is the need for good EHR software systems that make it simpler to manage documents related to patient care, like records, prescriptions, and billing.

This shift to a more digitalized approach to healthcare is now being instigated in how healthcare is taught. Academic institutions are helping usher this evolution in traditional practices through healthcare studies programs that advance healthcare informatics. This knowledge will help them choose or customize EHR systems by making sure that they’re user-friendly enough for both their healthcare facility and patients.

If you are exploring EHR software systems to find one that fits your needs, below are a few you can check out:

CareCloud Charts

CareCloud Charts is a simple and easy-to-use software that’s suitable for practices of all sizes. Real-time patient information can be seen on its dashboard, and there are also customizable templates. Flexible charting options and reusable order sets make for more efficient clinical encounters since it ensures quick and easy onboarding of patients. Comprehensive patient clinical summaries further help with this as these include medications, allergies, vitals, and labs.

This software gives you clinical decision support capabilities like keeping track of drug interactions so you know you’re giving your patient the right prescription at the right time. An innovative content store contains predefined configurable templates and clinical content for various specialties and subspecialties. This helps doctors document faster and improve their practices. CareCloud Charts can be used not just by the bigger healthcare institutions, but even by independent doctors in a small practice setting.

How EHRCentral enhances your healthcare practice?

AdvancedMD EHR

AdvancedMD is one of the comprehensive EHR software systems that creates a dashboard of tasks to prioritize. It covers all bases, including billing and patient engagement solutions. The latter is becoming especially important as it increases satisfaction and possibly better health outcomes.

The ePrescribing feature allows doctors to manage requests and renewals on any device, and they’re also able to access medical histories. Meanwhile, healthcare plans can be customized to manage a patient’s conditions according to factors like lab results and diagnosis. AdvancedMD EHR is suitable for any healthcare system whether it be for hospital, lab, or pharmacy. This is thanks to its multiple templates and integration options.


This software checks all the requirements of a good healthcare platform — it is platform-independent so users can access EHRs regardless of the device they are using, it allows third-party integrations so patients will not need to schedule tests or get results on different websites, and it is scalable for future updates. EHRCentral is a cloud-based software that comes with interactive dashboards, ePrescription, and labs and imaging integrations.

As a patient-centered software, it gives patients all the convenience of telemedicine. It lets them choose a time slot and a doctor on their own. They can also decide if they would like to consult virtually or in person. For doctors, EHRCentral gives transparency and efficiency for prescriptions by automating verification, tracking, and management of refills. From empowering patients through patient engagement solutions to allowing doctors to send prescriptions to pharmacies in advance, EHRCentral makes for a complete suite.