How Could You Boost Your Practice Productivity With EHR?

How Could You Boost Your Practice Productivity With EHR?

Looking for the best solution that can automate your business operations with an intuitive interface, sleek design, and user-friendliness? Deploying a reliable EHR software system can be a great choice for your practice in that case. However, the most unique trait of EHR that makes it the best solution is the quality and simplicity of the dashboard.

How Could You Boost Your Practice Productivity With EHR

Ideally, a cutting-edge EHR system displays real-time, high-priority analytics in one place, as soon as you log into the system. This feature enables healthcare providers, practice managers, and staff members to get insights for decision-making from real-time analytics, identify areas of improvement, monitor their financial progress, and improve health outcomes for patients.

In this article, I have highlighted 4 ways in which a reliable EHR dashboard can add value to your practice’s efficiency and productivity. For those who aren’t familiar, first probe into the definition of EHR.

What Is an EHR?

EHR (Electronic Health Records) is the electronic form of patient charts that allows healthcare providers to record and configure complete clinical data. It is a computer software that is used to maintain patient care records in medical practice.

The main goal of the EHR system is to store all patients’ records at a central location with increased efficiency and improved security. It streamlines the practice’s workflow and allows healthcare providers to access patient information instantly.

How EHRCentral enhances your healthcare practice?

In fact, cutting-edge EHR systems offer the following advantages to a healthcare practice;

Provides User-Specific Information

Unlike manual patient charts (where searches for misfiled charts waste time), EHRs help all users to access their relevant information with a few clicks. Upon logging in, EHR users can access the information that facilitates them in keeping track of their duties that are scheduled at a particular time.

For example, a practice manager’s dashboard should display the schedule for that day and patient information (insurance eligibility, co-pays, etc.). It helps practitioners to proceed with their appointments efficiently. Their portal must display the following things to streamline their workflow;

  • All types of patient appointments including the doctor’s office, patient’s site, and telemedicine appointments.
  • The patient messages that are needed to be answered by the clinical staff.
  • Numbers of patient-provider encounters of that day along with their details.

Moreover, EHRs should allow practice managers to access real-time billing and financial information in order to track down the revenue growth of the healthcare practice.

Real-time access to all the information from a single dashboard allows practice managers to achieve their goals more efficiently. Since they don’t need to navigate through multiple files and charts to find what they need like manual patient records.

Similarly, healthcare providers can get a list of all the appointments scheduled on that day along with their medical histories and the purpose of the visit. Modern EHR solutions like EHRCentral provide a dedicated provider portal to practitioners where they receive notifications for tasks that require urgent attention or completion i.e. unfinished notes, refill requests, etc. It is also essential for providers to have instant access to real-time analytics on ERAs, so providers can get to know if they are paid for their services by insurance companies.

EHRs Provide Data Visualization

It can be extremely difficult for providers to scan through tables and numbers for important information. EHRs make it easier for healthcare practitioners and clinical staff to analyze data via meaningful visual representation. During this tech-savvy era, the demand for modern ways to analyze and organize data through visual representation is increased to a great level. EHRs fulfill this need for the healthcare industry and accelerate clinical procedures.

Get Clinical & Financial Information In One Place

EHR software solution is an integrated platform that shows a merged view of all clinical and financial information. Most dashboards fall short when it comes to this requirement i.e. they are only able to show one document at a time. However, EHR Central is one of its kind solution that provides a combined view of clinical information and billing information on a single dashboard.

The reason why is it so important to have all the data organized in one place is that it provides a complete visualization to the practice staff about the patient experience beginning with the appointment and ending with the payments collected. It also informs the practice managers to view unpaid claims and due payments so they can follow up with the relevant payers for payments and reimbursements.

EHRs Keep Your Clinical Data Secure

The US government introduced the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 to ensure the security rights of healthcare providers over health information. They have also put in place HIPAA security rules to ensure specific protections for secured electronic health information. According to, this law has provided possible measures that should be present in a reliable EHR software system that are as follows;

  • “Access control” tools (e.g. passwords and PIN numbers) that limit authorized individuals to access your information.
  • “Encrypting” information records means only authorized personnel can read or understand the information except those using a system that can “decrypt” it with a “key”.
  • An “audit trail” feature that records the history of when and who accessed your information and what changes are made to your data during that time.

Want to upgrade your EHR system? EHRCentral is a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based EHR software solution that allows you to collect, record and manage your data with a well-encrypted solution at the most cost-effective price. Tune your practice for an added boost of productivity with our reliable EHR software system!

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