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Delay in Seeking Healthcare Leads to Dire Consequences

Worsening of existing conditions leading to requiring hospitalization and/or surgery, financial burden with increased costs associated to health condition, and permanent loss of limbs are some of the consequences.

Delay in healthcare

This pandemic has definitely caused a disruption of normal routines, especially the case of delay in healthcare access by regular visits to providers. All doctors still prioritize patient health, and doctor offices remain open with higher health and safety standards than other buildings.

If you already have a doctor, make sure to call and schedule a telephone call or virtual check-up.

This way you will be able to resolve any health questions or concerns you may have during this time, and you can prevent your health from worsening.

Younger, healthier patients may think to postpone regular check-ups and routine testing, but younger individuals need frequent medical visits to ensure they aren’t developing a serious condition. Undiagnosed symptoms of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease can cause permanent organ damage with long term effects. Mild symptoms may originate in an individual’s 20- 30s, which is why routine check-ups are important.

Inform your physician of any family health issues. Prevention is the most effective cure for an illness.

A delay in seeking healthcare during times of stress or financial insecurity can have a significant impact on personal health. Direct customer healthcare is available at local doctor offices without insurance for service or online for consultation, which can save money and improve health outlooks.

However, delays are likely to exacerbate the already deteriorating health of a patient. One such case occurred recently when an elderly patient with an severe abdominal pain did not want to go to the hospital because she was scared. She waited a week before one of the doctors at mHospital forced her to visit at doctor’s office. She ended up needing surgery for a ruptured appendix.

Not having insurance does not mean no healthcare.

Self-diagnosis and internet-diagnosis are not advised because only a medical professional can accurately and correctly assess each unique case. Much misinformation is spread over the internet and through friends and family these days, regardless of whether the intent was only to help. Sometimes CBD oil can help mitigate the symptoms, but other times simple solutions are not enough to solve the underlying problem.

Do you experience a health condition?

Trained medical professionals are the best equipped to properly diagnose.

Effects of delayed healthcare:

  1. Worsening of existing conditions, which then required hospitalization and/or surgery.
  2. Undiagnosed health conditions that could be lessened with treatment.
  3. Compounding effects of other health issues such as falls or pain.
  4. Lifestyle changes that can be made early to prevent further complications.
  5. Financial burden with increased costs associated to health condition.
  6. Permanent, irreversible loss of life or limbs.

The results of a 2019 survey conducted by Gallop with a huge sample size covering respondents from entire US indicate that over 64% of Americans delay seeking healthcare for a range of reasons including professional and social commitments, costs, and inability to travel.

The Covid-19 pandemic has further escalated this percentage as people tend to stay home to avoid contracting the virus. A recent research reveals 31% people in the US cancelling their scheduled doctor’s visits. Out of the cancelled appointments, over 50% are seniors.

Amidst threat of contracting coronavirus, it is not advisable to visit doctor in office or hosting a doctor at home for consultation or patient examination albeit mHospital offers housecall as well as office visits. Telemedicine makes it incredibly easier to access healthcare without even stepping out of homes. Our mobile doctor app enables you to consult a doctor via phone over a seamless video call session. Book your appointment slot right now.


Edited by: Dr. Sunitha Bharadia